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McDonald's Toys (2006)

These toys came with the McDonald's Happy Meal. Here are some pictures of them inside their bags, and also the tag that came with them. I've only collected two of them so far. One toy is a plastic Yoshi figurine with a switch and a button. You turn on the switch and press the red saddle on Yoshi's back to play a short MIDI clip of the Yoshi's Story theme song. The other toy is an inflatable mallet with the Mario Power Tennis logo emblazoned on it, and a plastic tennis ball that you can hit with the mallet.

Monopoly: Nintendo Collector's Edition

Monopoly: Nintendo Collector's Edition features your favorite Monopoly gameplay with a Nintendo twist. Instead of buying property, you buy Nintendo characters (with Mario and Luigi being the most valuable, as they are equivalent to Boardwalk and Park Place in the original!), and instead of houses and hotels, they're called power-ups and invincibility, respectively. The pewter game pieces are as follows: Mario hat, NES controller, DK barrel, Koopa shell, Link's shield, and Link's boots. This game is fun whether you're a Monopoly fan, Nintendo fan, or both! Now, I can only hope that they would come out with a real-life board game edition of the Mario Party series!

Super Mario Super Show DVD Boxed Set

If you were a child of the 80s and/or 90s, then you definitely should remember the very first Mario cartoons that came out in America- The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! I watched this series every afternoon on KGSW Fox 14 and my dad even video-taped it for me. It was so awesome because every character's personality came alive and they were no longer just silent characters that you controlled on the NES. Volume 1 of the boxed set contains 12 hours of content with 24 episodes. For more information about the cartoons that also includes detailed synopses on each of the episodes, see the Mario cartoons section.

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