Mario Figurines

Bobble Heads

During the bobble head craze, Mario and his friends did not miss out! These things were fun to keep on your office desk.

Figurines by Corgi International

As a follow-up on the report from 2007 on these figurines, here are some that I have purchased! The first picture shows two Luigi and Mario figurines that are 2 centimeters (cm) tall, and the second shows Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Yoshi figurines that are 15 centimeters (cm) tall.


These little figurines came out when Mario was very popular in the late 80s/early 90s. The two raccoon Marios at the top came with McDonald's Happy Meals. The Mario on the right was an under 3 toy since they were scared that some toddler might yank off Mario's head and swallow it or something on the regular ones. The Luigi below was a cake decoration, and the Mario climbing a vine on the right below was bought at Sundial Cards & Gifts.

Mario Kart 64 Figurines

These figurines featured the characters from Mario Kart 64, and came with the character, go-kart, and some unique items that are from the game.

Super Mario Bros. Trophies

Pictured here is one of a few trophies made by Hasbro, Inc. Thesewere used to show off your Mario-fandom and game expertise. Thesticker on the trophy can be filled out with your name, date,and high score. Other trophies like this one depict thesescenes: Mario hurling a fireball, Mario stomping Goombas, Bowserguarding Princess Toadstool, Mario running from Bullet Bill,and Blooper chasing Mario.

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