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Super Mario World T-Shirt

Lately, a craze over classic Nintendo paraphernalia has been hitting stores! I saw this while shopping at Sam Goody. It's a T-shirt with the Super Mario World cover graphic on it and some Japanese writing. Also, if you look carefully, you'll notice another Mario T-shirt on the lower right shelf.

Super Mario Bros. 3 T-Shirt

I got this T-shirt from Hot Topic. It features Mario in three different suits from Super Mario Bros. 3- Tanooki Mario, Frog Mario, and Raccoon Mario. But they forgot Hammer Mario!

2009 Halloween Costumes

In 2009, you can dress up as your favorite Mario characters by buying one of these costumes! Although I must say, they are pretty sad, especially the Yoshi costume. In my opinion, you'd be better off making your own costumes from scratch. The ones pictured above were the only ones I've seen, but I'm sure there are more, such as Luigi and Princess Peach.

Super Mario Bros. T-Shirt

This T-shirt that Cyrus is wearing features a graphic print of a retro scene from Super Mario Bros. on NES. This particular scene appears just before starting play on World 1-1 (although against a black background).

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