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New Affiliate and Guestbook
We have another new affiliate, Smash Net! And they're all about...you guessed it, the Super Smash Bros. series! I put up new Mario Party 3 screenshots. We also have a new guestbook, and the link to it is on the bottom of the left sidebar. Please sign it!
Posted on 22 Jul 2006 by Purple

MNM back up again!
After suffering an almost 48-hour downtime, MNM is finally back once again! smile Now let's just hope that this uptime lasts, hmm? Anyway, there are more icons for you to download!
Posted on 21 Jul 2006 by Purple

Phew! We're back!
Our host went down for almost the entire day sad but we're finally back from the Gateway Timeout Muck. We have a new affiliate joining us, Daisy's Land!! Also, we have a new section called Icons!
Posted on 19 Jul 2006 by Purple

More music and affiliation
Some Super Mario 64 MP3s have been added to the Music section! Also, we are currently looking for affiliates, so if you have a Mario or Nintendo site and are interested, look here! If you are wondering when this site will be relaunched, I'm still waiting for Webring to grant me privileges so that I can get the Mario Game Graphics Webring working again, and then I want to coordinate a sitewide chat to celebrate the grand reopening. So while you're waiting for that big event, I'll be constantly working and adding things to this site.
Posted on 18 Jul 2006 by Purple

New Background Images Section!
One and a half new sections have been added to MNM! The first one is Backgrounds, a gallery of background images from Mario games. The second feature has already been a part of MNM since we first started, but now they are much easier to access- and these are the Screenshots! They have their own section now.
Posted on 16 Jul 2006 by Purple

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