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Much progress being made!
On Day 4 of the site revival process, lots of things have been accomplished already! If you haven't seen our forums already, please have a look! The forum isn't new by any means, but how better to celebrate the upcoming relaunch of this site by posting some festive words? This site is coming along quickly! The Mushroom Banner Exchange is back up again and starting from scratch, so if you want maximum exposure for your Mario site, please join now while there's a very small pool of members! The Kinopian Press can be accessed now even though it isn't up and running yet, but the old articles are still there to read. And great news- the comic-maker will finally be up again sooner than expected, since all of the image files are still intact. The comic-maker is being built from the ground up as I speak, so stay tuned for that!
Posted on 13 Jul 2006 by Purple

First post from a Boo
Hello, I'm King Boo. The chatroom is up now.
Posted on 12 Jul 2006 by King Boo

Site Revival Day 3
As a continuation of the site revival phase, I have updated the Links section, deleting sites that no longer exist or have declared themselves dead. I also remodeled the link submission form on there, so if it hasn't worked before, it should now. The same goes for the mailbag submission form. I also uploaded several MP3s for download. As for the rest of the site, click on Full Story to read more.
Posted on 11 Jul 2006 by Purple

Welcome to the revival of MNM! For many years, I have not updated this site, and it's been sitting stagnant for all this time. Welcome back to the MNM you know and love, and if you're new, and you're a Mario fan- especially a retro Mario fan, then this is the place for you! Not all of the sections are up and running yet, but that shall happen very soon. For now, please enjoy, and please excuse the mess as we reconstruct this site.
Posted on 11 Jul 2006 by Purple

Begin Remodeling Phase
As part of a massive site revival project, I have begun to remodel pages that need a serious makeover. I have started with the Sprites and Scans sections, both of which should now be more organized. On that note, the Super Mario Adventure comic scans can be found there, as it was a broken link for a long time.
Posted on 10 Jul 2006 by Purple

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